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Literary Safari develops, produces, and publishes inclusive children’s media
rooted in an understanding of learning science, educational standards, narrative design, and good, old-fashioned fun! Our award-winning stories, games, and curriculum are grounded in the 4 C’s of 21st century education—Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration. Whether we are developing products for our clients or tinkering in our own studio, we are committed to mindful design that celebrates diversity and global citizenship.

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Sandhya Nankani
Founder and Publisher

Sandhya has always been fascinated by the origin of idioms in the English language. One of the big moments of her life was learning to ride a bicycle as an adult, when she finally understood the meaning of the expression, “It’s like riding a bike.”

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Anjali Sakhrani
Lead Creative Producer

Anjali is pretty enthusiastic about doodling and can often be found attempting to clothe her stick figures in Talking Heads t-shirts.

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Jena Detore
Early Childhood Curriculum Design & Development

Jena enjoys jumping in puddles in the pouring rain with her toddler and laying on the floor cooing and blowing raspberries with her rapidly growing infant!

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Kayla Fedeson
Special Projects Coordinator

If she could be an eternal student she would, per her consumption of books, movies, and podcasts on a wide array of subjects.

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