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Literary Safari develops, produces, and publishes inclusive children’s media rooted in an understanding of learning science, educational standards, narrative design, and good, old-fashioned fun! Our award-winning stories, games, and curriculum are grounded in the 4 C’s of 21st century education—Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration. Whether we are developing products for our clients or tinkering in our own studio, we are committed to mindful design that celebrates diversity and global citizenship.


Grandma’s Great Gourd

USA Today
"Stars a spunky Bengali grandma who outwits hungry forest animals wanting to eat her. In addition to a fun story, the app offers cultural awareness through added activities." Read More

School Library Journal
"A vibrantly drawn, highly interactive app featuring strong female characters ... supported by a number of complementary extras. It should be a winner with young children." Read more

Common Sense Media
"Best Book Apps for Kids - A beautiful, solid digital storybook with nice interactive elements ... If your family is bilingual, record the story in the languages your family speaks, or have Grandma record the story and listen to the recording when she's not around." Read more

Tech with Kids
"Best Pick Kids Apps Showing Diversity - Grandma and the Great Gourd presents a good diversity tale about a strong and resilient older person and it would be a positive and enriching addition to any child's media library of book apps." Read more

"The entertaining story is enriched with subtle, story-relevant interactive elements, an original musical score, the friendly, almost familiar, narration, and sound effects which all bring the humorous, Bengali folktale to life." Read more

Teachers with Apps
Best TWA Play & Learn Apps of 2016 - "An enchanting story ... Sweet bonuses including a mini gardening game and another physics-based game of rolling gourds that help reinforce the story through active participation ... and a video field trip exploring customs from Bengal that are great for learning centers that include hands on exploration and new ideas for imaginative play." Read more

Children’s Technology Review
"Literary Safari has done it again -- bringing a classic folk talk from afar to your child's touch screen.The story mixes high quality illustrations with the ability to record your own narration ... making this a good story to share or offer as a language experience." Read more

"As a mom and aunt, I am always on the lookout of apps that are educational and entertaining. Apps that help them learn as well and not merely kill time. Grandma’s Great Gourd is one such app that brings alive an age-old and timeless folk tale." Read more

Geeks with Juniors
"Top 60 Best Apps for Kids 2016 - Highly recommended! Rich reading options, educational videos, and mini games ... You can easily take the app with you while traveling. Read more
"This app is kid-safe and free of in-app purchases or ads. We highly recommend Grandma’s Great Gourd to Teachers for classroom use as well as home use for families."
Read more

Digital Storytime
"An enchanting story about courage and the ability to stay calm when the world spins out of control around you." Read more

City of Homer Alaska
"Looking for books & apps to share as a family over the weekend? The library has suggestions!" Read more

Moms with Apps
"Enjoy story time with Grandma's Great Gourd" Read more
"I really loved the Grandma’s Great Gourd app.  I thought it was a really fun way to share another culture with your child.  Be sure to check this app out if you enjoy reading interactive storybooks with your child!" Read more

India Currents
Culturally Diverse Apps for Kids Read more



New York Times
Hangart was featured in "10 Children's Apps for Summer Road Trips" Read More

Common Sense Media
HangArt was selected as one of 20 best EdTech tools of 2016 by Common Sense Media! It is also featured on three more of Common Sense Media's "Best of Apps" lists: Best Word Game Apps, Best Spelling Apps, and Best English and Language Arts Apps, Games, and Websites. Read more

School Library Journal
"The classic hangman game receives an update in HangArt, an app that weaves in several learning opportunities. In a child-friendly twist, the chalkboard draws a stick figure hanging from a monkey bar when players make an incorrect guess." Read more

Erikson TEC Center
"Working on spelling this summer and looking for an engaging app the whole family can play? Make it one that prioritizes diversity! HangArt is a great app to add to a family, school, library, or museum collection." Read more

Reading Rockets
"12 Apps for Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia That Parents and Teachers Will Love" Read more

Common Sense Education
“A jewel of a game.” Read more

Teachers with Apps
HangArt was selected as a "Best Play & Learn App" in 2016! "HangArt has some of the features that we love from classic games like Scrabble, Pictionary, and Mad Libs and combines them in one app cohesively." Read more

Children’s Technology Review
"Great for reading skill reinforcement, in or out of the classroom.” Read more

Geeks with Juniors
"A thorough approach that makes learning more meaningful and effective " Read more

Featured by in its webinar "New Apps for Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Other Learning Issues" Watch more

Educational App Store
"Helps young children to learn and embed sight words ... an excellent app that has a number of great features meaning it can work well both in the classroom and the home." Read more

App Advice
“For a fun game of Hangman, drawing neat pictures, telling cool stories, and learning words and letters, HangArt has it all." Read more

Madison Public Library
"Those illustrations have been carefully chosen to reflect our diverse world in the most wonderful way." Read more

Touch Autism
"Great incentives for children and will support those that struggle with learning disabilities, attention deficits, and fine motor skills." Read more

Digital Storytime
"There are 3 modes to choose from, Classic Hangman, Word Gallery (intro to grammar), and Story Studio; and each one is addictive." Read more

The Book Chook
"A solid educational app which nevertheless has fun and creativity built into it. ... I love it when developers realize that the best way to use a tablet is in the context of a family or a class, not to use it as a baby-sitting device." Read more

Crisp game functionality, brilliant colours and a perfect combination of art and storytelling. Read more

India Currents
Culturally Diverse Apps for Kids Read more


Dentist Bird

Children’s Technology Review
"Great content, beautifully illustrated." Read more

School Library Journal
"The 'Mission of Mercy' game ... offers fast-paced fun that will certainly keep children coming back for more. … Strong suits of this app include a 'Learning' page with additional interactive content to engage young readers on facts about Liberia and rainforest animals, as well as a 'Grownups' folder with links to detailed lesson plans and printables." Read more

"Unique for its cultural content, quality illustrations, support for emerging readers and additional learning content." Read more

Teachers with Apps
"A must-have app for teaching compassion, empathy, and diversity." Read More

My Brown Baby
Number 6 on the "12 Multicultural Kid’s Book Apps Every Parent Should Know List" -

George Mason University
Featured App for Innovation and Diversity at the Center for Digital Media