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A message from founder, Sandhya Nankani, on The Lingering Trauma of School Shootings


Leading game designers, researchers, and educators recommend 20 empathy and social-emotional
learning games for young people growing up in the shadow of lockdown drills and school shootings.

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This list curates some of the best and most innovative game experiences that can help foster social emotional learning in children.
— Matthew Farber, a professor of technology at the University of Northern Colorado and author of Game-Based Learning in Action.

20 excellent games that are #empathy -learning and #SEL. #ArmMeWithGames provide amazing details on each game as well as notes and resources for teachers and parents. 🎮
— Connected Camps

At a time when video games are blamed for violence and even mass school shootings, this list invites parents and educators to take a more nuanced view toward the role of games in the lives of young people. I own, play and have used all but one of these games in a classroom or workshop setting. I highly recommend any educator who is unsure of how games can impact a child’s view of the world to play at least one.
— Stephen Reid, Director, Immersive Minds