Elmo Learns to Save, Spend, and Share

Are kids too young to learn about money? Sesame Street doesn’t think so, as elaborated in this article from today’s New York Times by Ron Leiber which highlights PNC Bank and Sesame Workshop’s new collaboration For Me, For You, For Later: First Steps to Saving, Spending, and Sharing.

In the wake of the financial crisis, however, and the realization that individuals share at least some blame for the bubbles, a number of people and organizations have taken up the cause of helping the next generation of grown-ups form better habits at an earlier age. … This week, Sesame entered the fray, too, with a series of videos and other material aimed at teaching its audience about spending, saving and sharing. …

I had the opportunity to develop and write the Educators Guide for this financial literacy kit and am excited to see all of this in its final form–and the attention it is receiving in the media. As a parent, I’m also looking forward to implementing the ideas and lessons put forth here.

I’ll leave you with a video interview with Elmo from the above-referenced Times piece.


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